These days, everybody can research your name online via search engines for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they will be weighing up whether they should choose your product or use your services, or it may be because they want to learn more about your activities or even perhaps it's just out of idle curiosity.

It is important that you are projecting your very best image online. Someone may be forming their impression of you, your company or your brand, based upon information that could have posted online at any time in the past or present. Not only could such content be inaccurately representative, especially if it is outdated, unflattering or totally incorrect, but it will also be potentially accessible from practically any geographical location in the world.

Traditional approaches such as Public Relations or legal action when faced with defamatory content are no longer effective enough, as the speed with which stories will spread online and the reduced capability to insulate oneself from them and their effects is making it increasingly difficult to maintain complete control whenever adverse situations occur.

It is only through proactively building a strong, positive profile of yourself or for your business, that you will exert influence over the way you are being perceived online.

Great Online Reputation will cultivate your online profile to ensure that it reflects your goals and matches your aspirations, which could include:

  • Increasing popularity ratings.
  • Conveying favourable attributes such as trust and reliability.
  • Building sales potential.
  • Developing one's sphere of influence online.
  • Increasing positive exposure for you, your products or business ventures.
  • Enhancing employment prospects.

Our primary objective is to influence the first two pages of search engine results along with the most popular search terms that relate to your niche. As seen below, securing the top placement within search engine results concerning you or your business, is of the utmost importance.


Whether you wish to build a stronger online presence or protect yourself from defamation, managing and improving your online reputation will require multi-dimensional applications including the structuring of your web resources, crafting and maintaining of social media content, creating articles and press releases promoting compimentary activities and a catalogue of associated actions that will be dependent on your overall objectives.

Great Online Reputation's programmes are structured and implemented in such a way as to continue building beyond the completion of our initial campaign, each one being uniquely developed to deliver exactly the result you desire.


As the Internet becomes more closely entwined with our daily lives, the more important the integrity of our online reputation will become.

It is prudent to begin managing this content as early on as you can by introducing measures that will nurture and protect it. Great Online Reputation can assist you in securing, building and maintaining what should be a very valuable asset to you and your business enterprises.