Today, everyone will search for your name on the search engines for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they will want to make an informed decision on whether to buy your services and products, sometimes because they want to learn about your activities and sometimes out of plain curiosity.

It is important to look your very best online. One can form an impression of you, your company or your brand based on information that can be found on the Internet at any point in time and is accessible from any geographical location. This information may not accurately represent as they may be inaccurate, outdated, false, unflattering.

Traditional approaches such as PR and taking legal action towards defamatory content is no longer enough. The speed in which news are spreading on the Internet and the capability to anonymise oneself makes it incredibly difficult to have complete control.

It is only by proactively building a strong positive image about yourself or your business that you can take control of the way in which you are perceived online.

Great Online Reputation can improve your online image so that it matches your goals and aspirations. These could be to:

  • Increase popularity
  • Convey trust and reliability
  • Increase sales
  • Increase influence
  • Increase exposure
  • Find employment

Our primary goal is to control the first two pages of search engine results and/or the most popular search terms that are related to your niche. As shown below conquering the top of the search engine results related to you, is of outmost importance.


Whether you wish to build a strong online presence or protect yourself from defamation, managing and improving your online reputation will have to be a multi-dimensional task, utilising development of your web resources, handling your social media profiles, creating articles and press releases about your activities and a large number of actions that are dependent on what you goals are.

Great Online Reputation always builds results to last long after we have completed our initial campaign. Each campaign is unique and tailored to exactly what you need.


As the Internet becomes more and more intertwined into our daily lives the more important our online reputation will be.

It is important to start managing it early and to take all the necessary measurements as to protect it and at Great Online Reputation we can secure, build up and maintain it.