Brand launch

A jewelry brand wished to enter the UK market and establish a solid client base. Their brand was unique to a niche market and appealing to a young audience.

We created a wide range of web resources enhancing the brand and ranking it No1 in the search engines for a number of keywords related to their niche with high search volume. Engaged in a number of social media campaigns and created articles in a variety of online publications. Within 9 months enquiries and sales increased by a factor of 6.

Competitor defamation

A boutique hotel in Central London had started to take off with high level customer service, attention to detail and competitive rates. It very soon became a favourite among those hotels which were located in the wider area. Competitors launched a large scale defamation campaign with fake accounts in social media, review sites and other websites amounting to 400 negatives mentions within the course of one month dropping the online rating of the hotel. Immediately there was a notable decrease of new clients by 35%.

We managed within 3 months to remove 70% of the negative reviews by following procedures of proving them to be fake and built a variety of web resources as to demonstrate in detail the experience that real clients had with the hotel. Gradually new clients came at the former levels and we achieved a more resilient online image for the hotel by populating many more search engine results.


A senior political figure who had been involved in a controversy regarding his personal life, received within a few days a great amount of negative publicity online. Once the news were published there was a domino effect by hundreds of online resources from popular news websites to personal blogs that referred to the news, having as a consequence 70% of the results in the first 3 search engine result pages to be negative and only in reference to that particular incident despite a very long and successful course in politics and business. This had an adverse effect to his business dealings.

Through a combination of proprietary techniques and with sheer determination, we managed to push down all the negative results past the 5th page of Google results within 8 months and intensely promote his business interests. This not only revived his online reputation but also acted as protection from search engine result flooding from any possible future online defamation.

Disgruntled Customer

A disgruntled customer of a popular central London restaurant had several complaints about the service he and his girlfriend received on their anniversary and since he had no satisfactory response to his complaint he decided to defame the restaurant in 100s of reviews websites, social media, YouTube etc. At the time the restaurant had a relatively basic presence on the Web and the effect was significant. Three months later the restaurant had suffered an 40% reduction in bookings and realised that search engines ranked the negative review websites much higher than the restaurant’s own website. 

By creating a range of webpages related to the restaurant and organised methods as to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, Within 4 months, we managed to suppress all negative results from the first 3 pages in Google and bookings began to return to prior levels and higher.

Product complaints through social media

A skin care product brand received significant attention when a customer complained about a skin rash as a result of product use and since the customer thought that her complaint went unnoticed, she decided to share her story in Facebook. Within weeks her anti skin care product campaign involved a Facebook group of thousands of members affecting prospective customer’s opinions and leading to an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Company failed to respond promptly to the complaint and in public and had to endure a significant reduction in its customer base as well as financial damage as it tried to compensate angry customers from around the world. 

We created a variety of social media campaigns and monitoring systems so that new complaints do not escalate and are dealt with at early stages. This disaster could have been avoided if the company gave attention to the first mentions of complaints on social media. In addition, we created a large fan base of customers and kept them engaged into the product continuously acting as brand defenders. Gradually, we managed to suppress all negative comments that had been created and respond to them directly as part of the reputation building campaign.