As one could imagine managing and forming one's online reputation, requires knowledge from a variety of disciplines.

We are a team of primarily IT professionals and designers that have a diverse skill set covering web development, IT security, law, design, search engine optimisation, social media management and online PR.

We have developed proprietary software that allow us to achieve accurate and consistent results since all of our campaigns are targeted to achieving specific quantifiable results for our clients.

All we need is direction as to the online image that our client would like to achieve and then we take over.

Our campaigns vary in duration greatly, depending on our target.

As part of our campaigns we:

  • Develop websites/blogs/ forums and other online resources
  • Optimise your current web resources for the search engines and in regards to their content
  • Protect all domain names related directly or indirectly to your or your brand
  • Manage and maintain social media profiles
  • Monitor mentions of your name or brand online
  • Secure your online assets from attacks
  • Take action as to take down whenever possible defamatory articles or websites
  • Provide useful statistics and data as per your audience and the people that visit your online resources
  • Analyse data as to provide advise that would assist you in achieving your personal and business goals
  • Move unwanted online articles or websites to the bottom of the search results
  • Analyse and optimise all profiles and search terms related to you or your brand (e.g. relatives, company executives etc.)
  • Strengthen your online profiles to prevent possible future online defamation spreading


Our clients include:

    • Public figures (e.g. actors, athletes, broadcasters)
    • Professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers)
    • Executives (e.g. directors, managers)
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Organisations
    • Corporations
    • Local businesses
    • Politicians and Political Parties
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