As you might imagine, forming and managing one's online reputation effectively requires knowledge drawn from a variety of disciplines.

We are a team of primarily IT professionals and web designers with a diverse skill set covering website development, IT security, law, design, search engine optimisation, social media management and online PR.

We have developed proprietary software which enables us to achieve accurate and consistent results through all of our campaigns as they are tailored to deliver specific quantifiable results based on the requirements of each client.

All we need is direction as to the online image a client wishes to attain and we will take it from there.

Our campaigns will vary in design and duration, depending on target strategies.


Key elements of our campaigns will include:

  • Developing websites/blogs/forums and other online resources.
  • Optimising your current online content to maximise search engine results.
  • Protecting all domain names related directly or indirectly to you or your brand.
  • Managing and maintaining social media profiles.
  • Monitoring references to your name or brand online.
  • Securing your online assets from potential breaches or attacks.
  • Taking down or suppressing defamatory articles and websites whenever possible.
  • Providing useful statistics and other data pertaining to the audience demographic currently accessing your online resources.
  • Analysing data so as to provide advice that will assist you in achieving personal goals and realising your business potential.
  • Relegating negative or unwanted online articles and websites to the bottom of the search results.
  • Analysing and actively building the profiles and search terms which relate to you or your business (e.g. family, brands, employees etc.)
  • Strengthening the integrity of your online profiles so as to minimise the impact any possible future online defamation may otherwise cause.


 Our current client base includes:

    • Public figures, including actors, athletes, broadcasters.
    • Professionals, including doctors, lawyers.
    • Executives, including directors, managers.
    • Politicians and political parties.
    • Corporations.
    • Organizations.
    • Local businesses.
    • Entrepreneurs.

 Whatever your situation may be, Great Online Reputation will handle all enquiries with the utmost discretion.

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